2016 Western Regionals

RealWorld: Oregon Trail

Salem, OR was the place to be back in mid July if you wanted to see some epic footy! Much like bickering housemates squabling over the tv remote this tourney pitted some of the best in the west against each other. Doing whatever it took to win bragging rights and a bit of hardware the Seattle Grizzlies made their mark. 

A group of Grizzlies came to play as the men faced off in Division 2 against their age old rival Portland and their newest foe Sacramento. While the women battled it out in a combined effort with Vancouver/Arizona against Portland/Minnesota, San Francisco and Sacramento. Both men and women Grizzlies placed second in their respective contests and both fell just shy of first place honors...last seconds of the tournament were brutal. However, hard work does pay off as the Grizzlies now find themselves back in the top 20 teams in the nation! 

And as usual the Seattle sidelines were boisterous as ever! It seems to be that wherever the team goes so does the city of Seattle with all their support. The "Sideline Club" as one put it not only cheered on both squads throughout the entire tournament but also demonstrated what a good time with a splash of class should look like. Job well done!

What a cast! Can't wait for the reunion.
Go Grizz!!


2016 Seattle Grizzlies Women

Ohhh mama!

The Seattle Grizzlies have been a fixture in the Pacific Northwest for over 15yrs demonstrating a level of footy and class that very few clubs get to boast. A club always looking to grow, socialize and include new players or even non-players the Seattle Grizzlies proudly announce the first ever Women's team!

Led by a tenacious Valerie "the Finger" Barber-Axthelm the lady Grizzlies played in their first match back on June 25th vs the Vancouver Vixens. What a wonderful new chapter added to this already epic history of the Seattle Grizzlies. However, as with any new beginning there's always a need for support. That support came from Simone "the Gift" Shepherd and the Portland Sockeyes. With a blended team the Grizzlies/Sockeyes put up one hell of a fight. From start to finish this match was monumental!

Alison "Lights Out" Leonard, Elizabeth "the Lion" Langmaid, Chyna "the Rock" Lenz, Sage "Rowdy" Reed Cowles and Rachel "the Machine" Manning represented Seattle as well or better than any of their male counterparts. They played with heart pounding pace, bone rattling hits, unselfish play and gut wrenching grit and determination. 2016 marks the dawn of a new age for the Grizzlies!

It means more to play for Seattle Grizzlies!
Go Grizz!!

2016 BCAFL vs Delta Bayhawks

"Utah! Get me two!" - Pappas                                                                                                  

Another win for the mighty Grizzlies!

Talk about a nail biter, this game was brutal down to the last second. Cheers to the Bayhawks for being a scrappy bunch of warriors who aren't afraid to stand their ground and fight for every inch in the footy trenches. It was a warm day back on June 25th but it quickly became a scorcher with two teams burning and turning their way to securing a win.

This was a game of redemption, a game of resilience and a game of recognition. Like the legendary pheonix rising from the ashes Seattle seems to be hitting their mid-season stride with back to back wins after years of rebuilding and recruiting. This ensemble of talented young players mixed with veteran wiles make for a dangerously effective unit on the playing field.

However, the Grizzlies would not have been able to squeeze out a one point victory had it not been for another incredible showing from their hometown crowd. In the closing moments of the game you could hear and sense everyone on the sideline gasping, cringing, cheering and willing their boys to victory...the 19th (if 18v18) man is real!

"Little hand says it's time to rock and roll!" - Bodhi
Go Grizz!!

2016 USAFL Season Opener vs Portland Steelheads

One down and many more to go!
Congratulations Grizzlies on a hard fought victory with a team full of fresh new faces making a bid for Best & Fairest. Thanks to the Steelheads for making the trip and demonstrating what true rivalries are all about.

Heroes like Braiden "Juddy" Judd, Lachlan "Lachy" Ainley, Sam "Sammy" Jenkins and the usual suspects gave huge efforts to secure a Grizzlies win on a cool June afternoon. However, it took two outstanding veteran guns to really heat things up. Alex "Blalex" Jessup and Brian "Briaaaan" Flaherty were the cream of the crop this day displaying dominating defense and a penetrating pace of play! 

Something new this year for Seattle and incredibly appreciated is the support coming from the sidelines! Between the number of friends, family and players Seattle Grizzlies seem to field a small army equipped with all the pride, cheers and mimosas a sports fan could ever want. 

Now, it's on to the next one.
Go Grizz!!

2016 Seattle Grizzlies Ausball Tournament

The inaugural Seattle Grizzlies Ausball Tournament was a screamer!
With four highly skilled teams two touching (with some exception to tackles) their way to the top of the mountain Seattle Grizzlies saw their 2016 pre-season start off with a bang and with more numbers than ever before.

The Greenlake Geoducks (gooey-duck), Ballard Bush Pigs, Fremont Fightin' Ibises and the Seattle Gaels ran a muck on the battlefields of Magnuson Park back in April. All teams fought valiantly but only two teams demonstrated superior talent and advanced to the finals: the Gaels vs the Fightin' Ibises. It was a back and forth competition with the Fightin' Ibises emerging as the tournament's victors!

Truly a sight to see and with everyone's help it was a great success! Fun for all newcomers, veteran players and perfect for both girls and boys this tournament brought everyone together and produced some memorable family portraits. Here's to next year's Ausball tournament and to having more fun...we'll get 'em next year, BUSH PIGS!!!
Go Grizz!!

SeattleARFC's annual Crackerjack Lawn Bowling

Thanks to the fantastic Flavels we had yet another rousing weekend of lawn bowling. The tourney was hotly contested this year with two divisions battling it out for supreme bragging rights and sublime status as LAWN BOWLING GODS!!! 

D1 runner ups were Ian "always a bride's maid never a bride" Rubesch and his dainty partner Aaron "Winks" Winkler. D2 runner ups were Brian "MVP" Flaherty and his better half Jen "Brian's girlfriend".

The 2016 D1 Lawn Bowling Champs are a couple of rookies who eeked out a victory. Congrats to Tommy "Tall Timber" Mulvey and Dylan "Short Stack" Syme! The 2016 D2 Lawn Bowling Champs are a cute couple and are rarely seen without the other. Congrats to Eric "Olaf" Wabey and his partner Carl "The Barber" Ferguson!

Thanks again to the Flavels and for all you Grizzlies who made this event so much fun. See you next year!!
Go Grizz!