SeattleARFC's annual Crackerjack Lawn Bowling

Thanks to the fantastic Flavels we had yet another rousing weekend of lawn bowling. The tourney was hotly contested this year with two divisions battling it out for supreme bragging rights and sublime status as LAWN BOWLING GODS!!! 

D1 runner ups were Ian "always a bride's maid never a bride" Rubesch and his dainty partner Aaron "Winks" Winkler. D2 runner ups were Brian "MVP" Flaherty and his better half Jen "Brian's girlfriend".

The 2016 D1 Lawn Bowling Champs are a couple of rookies who eeked out a victory. Congrats to Tommy "Tall Timber" Mulvey and Dylan "Short Stack" Syme! The 2016 D2 Lawn Bowling Champs are a cute couple and are rarely seen without the other. Congrats to Eric "Olaf" Wabey and his partner Carl "The Barber" Ferguson!

Thanks again to the Flavels and for all you Grizzlies who made this event so much fun. See you next year!!
Go Grizz!