2016 Seattle Grizzlies Women

Ohhh mama!

The Seattle Grizzlies have been a fixture in the Pacific Northwest for over 15yrs demonstrating a level of footy and class that very few clubs get to boast. A club always looking to grow, socialize and include new players or even non-players the Seattle Grizzlies proudly announce the first ever Women's team!

Led by a tenacious Valerie "the Finger" Barber-Axthelm the lady Grizzlies played in their first match back on June 25th vs the Vancouver Vixens. What a wonderful new chapter added to this already epic history of the Seattle Grizzlies. However, as with any new beginning there's always a need for support. That support came from Simone "the Gift" Shepherd and the Portland Sockeyes. With a blended team the Grizzlies/Sockeyes put up one hell of a fight. From start to finish this match was monumental!

Alison "Lights Out" Leonard, Elizabeth "the Lion" Langmaid, Chyna "the Rock" Lenz, Sage "Rowdy" Reed Cowles and Rachel "the Machine" Manning represented Seattle as well or better than any of their male counterparts. They played with heart pounding pace, bone rattling hits, unselfish play and gut wrenching grit and determination. 2016 marks the dawn of a new age for the Grizzlies!

It means more to play for Seattle Grizzlies!
Go Grizz!!