2016 Western Regionals

RealWorld: Oregon Trail

Salem, OR was the place to be back in mid July if you wanted to see some epic footy! Much like bickering housemates squabling over the tv remote this tourney pitted some of the best in the west against each other. Doing whatever it took to win bragging rights and a bit of hardware the Seattle Grizzlies made their mark. 

A group of Grizzlies came to play as the men faced off in Division 2 against their age old rival Portland and their newest foe Sacramento. While the women battled it out in a combined effort with Vancouver/Arizona against Portland/Minnesota, San Francisco and Sacramento. Both men and women Grizzlies placed second in their respective contests and both fell just shy of first place honors...last seconds of the tournament were brutal. However, hard work does pay off as the Grizzlies now find themselves back in the top 20 teams in the nation! 

And as usual the Seattle sidelines were boisterous as ever! It seems to be that wherever the team goes so does the city of Seattle with all their support. The "Sideline Club" as one put it not only cheered on both squads throughout the entire tournament but also demonstrated what a good time with a splash of class should look like. Job well done!

What a cast! Can't wait for the reunion.
Go Grizz!!